New Zealand Flight Training

Welcome to New Zealand Flight Training
New Zealand Flight Training is not a company. It is not a club, nor is there a membership. It is a place where you can get support for aviation.
Most of our support is New Zealand based. However, most of us have experience internationally.
We are not lawyers, we do not represent any one school, aviation authority, medical board or agency. It is therefore important to verify any claims made by your support person.
We will however speak on your behalf/act/advise in disputes or situations.
Offering support and/or help you understand your situation.

Why do we do this?
We love New Zealand and welcome our visitors.
We want to ensure, you have a great learning experience.

If you need support or guidance, we are here to help you.
We offer support for:
Theory issues
ASL exams result issues
Flight lesson issues
Medical issues
School issues
Social issues
Language issues
Instructor issues
Learning issues
Over dualing (doing too many dual flights)
Immigration (we will refer you to a licensed immigration advisor for one free consultation).